Sports Impetus

A program that brings various Olympic sports to schools... from initial exposure to junior sports leaguesTM.

It is designed to cover all stages of a child's progression in sports – from seeding sports to creating seeded players & champions

The SportsImpetus program is based on our 5F Principles framework.


We conduct the following involving schools & children, under this program:

  1. Junior Sports Leagues
  2. Talent hunt & mentoring
  3. Sports motivation workshops
  4. Sports Centers of Excellence & Values (CoEV) – in-school & after school centers

SportsImpetus lays emphasis on developing the spirit of Olympism through Olympic values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence. The programs help develop fun in sports, fitness through sports, fervor or comittment to stick to the Olympic values, and fortitude or determination to excel in sports & in life.

Who should engage

  1. Children K-12
  2. Schools that want to pioneer in offering unique innovative sports opportunities to their children
  3. Parents who want their children to be the champions
  4. Organizations that want to contribute in building the future generation by making sports integral to their growing