SportsQuotientTM (SQ)

Discover how physically active is your school and identify sporting talent in your school vis-à-vis national norms.

Give your school a chance to win the ‘Sportseed Fit School Award’

  • Sportseed invites your school for SportsQuotient™

    SportsQuotient™ (SQ) stands for a measure representing a child's potential sporting ability and fitness compared with established national norms for a battery of standard established tests that reliably measure a child's athletic/sporting potential in terms of agility, flexibility, endurance and strength.
  • The SportsQuotient battery tests

    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Explosive power

    Scoring is age and gender specific for children in age group 8-14 years.

  • How it benefits schools?

    • Report on benchmarking of how fit your school is vis-à-vis others in the city, state and nation
    • Opportunity to win the ‘Fittest School Award’ at city, state and national levels.
    • Certificates for top identified sports talent in your school based on SQ tests; tests to be conducted for children between 8-14 years
    • Chance for top sprinting talent to be trained at PT USHA's school of Athletics
  • Your SQ kit

    On receipt of your payment, your SQ kit shall be couriered to your address immediately. The kit enables your staff to conduct the testing in the convenience of your campus. The kit would comprise of:
    • Sportseed SportsQuotient (SQ) manual
    • 1 Whistle
    • 1 Measure tape (30 m)
    • 2 color posters
  • Mega Bonus

    We have a tie up with PT USHA’s school of athletics for identifying sprinting talent from schools, under our program called ‘Flying Kid’. Scores on certain identified tests recommended by USHA school of athletics are used to evaluate the sprinting talent. Talent identified and selected by USHA school gets an opportunity to train under PT USHA and her team of elite coaches at her school. Selection results will be communicated by us to the school from which the child is selected.

How to participate?

Participation in this national benchmarking of schools’ fitness & sports talent is simple.

  • Register using form below
  • Pay Rs. 2000/- via NEFT or DD or Cheque – details will be sent to you upon registration in an email – send us the transaction reference/cheque details on post payment
  • Receive your SQ kit absolutely free!
  • Once the school registration is complete, you can conduct the testing for as many children in your school as you like. There is absolutely no restriction on the number!
  • Conduct testing as per SQ manual and email results at


Reach us on

9974212049 – for Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
– for Delhi/NCR and Haryana
– for Punjab & Himachal Pradesh
– for Kerala & Tamilnadu
7736111084 – for Andhra Pradesh
9811039224 – for Rajasthan
9560644955 – for rest of Inda

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