Sports Teach

Enablement programs for teachers and mentors in educational/youth institutions to provide encouraging environment for sports pursuits and deliver subject lectures using Olympic themes.

Teachers and mentors are one of the most significant influences on children/youth. SportsTeach programs are designed to sensitize the teachers & mentors about the Olympic Values and to facilitate them to provide adequate place for Olympic Sports in the educational system. The programs discuss the importance of sports education (not just the traditional physical education) in the educational systems with relevant case studies/examples of adoption of such programs by educational institutions/resident communities across the country and the world.

These programs emphasize on innovation in teaching techniques using Olympic values and discuss deployment challenges in the existing educational system. Tools for adopting Olympism in teaching various academic subjects in educational institution in a key ingredient of SportsTeach.

Approach for delivering these programs is a combination of assorted discussions – how & why of encouraging children/youth for sports, and clinics on customization of educational programs to include fundamental principles of Olympism.

Who should attend

  • Teaching staff in educational institutions across subjects like languages, mathematics, sciences, geography, history, etc. looking to make their classroom sessions more interesting for students in an innovative manner
  • Administrators of educational institutions looking to enhance the awareness and culture of sports in the institute with the objective of providing a more conducive environment for youth to take to sports