Sports Quotient

Discover how physically active is your school and identify sporting talent in your school vis-à-vis national norms...

Sportseed invites your school for SportsQuotient™

SportsQuotient™ (SQ) stands for a measure representing a child's potential sporting ability and fitness compared with established national norms for a battery of standard established tests that reliably measure a child's athletic/sporting potential in terms of agility, flexibility, endurance and strength.

How it benefits schools?

  • Benchmarking of how active your school is vis-à-vis others in the city, region and nation.
  • Identification of potential sports talent in school.
  • Parent engagement through student-specific report on fitness and sporting ability.

The SportsQuotient battery tests

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Explosive power

Scoring is age and gender specific


Please note the following when registering for SportsQuotient™.

  • Minimum 200 children per school.
  • Registration fee: Rs 150/- per child.
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